About This Website

I am a Harrisonburg, Virginia Realtor with a passion for DIY and outdoor adventures.


My affinity for real estate began in graduate school while studying forestry resources and environmental conservation at Virginia Tech. I purchased my first fixer-upper and fell in love with home repairs and DIY projects. Once Harrisonburg seduced me away from my alma mater, I found my knack as a landlord with clean, higher-quality rentals & a responsive attitude toward my tenants. I continue to invest in residential rentals and now live in a 100-yr old  fixer-upper in the Shenandoah Valley.Ritchie Vaughan DIY

For me, a home is a place for fun, comfort, & self-expression. Like my father, I am always mulling over woodworking projects, how to engineer them, and beautiful finishes. My own  home offers me unlimited projects, and ultimately, it will feel like the adult tree fort where — let’s face it — my inner child wants to live🙂

butcher block counter tops

Photo Credit to Gray Fox Design Works

When not helping friends and neighbors house -hunt, I am either wrenching on one of my houses, playing in the National Forest, or helping with community projects. My spouse and I are avid mountain bikers, and he is a wildland firefighter for the federal government and the Nature Conservancy. I currently sit on the board of the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Association of Realtors Legislative Action Committee, and Shenandoah Valley Builders Association Education Committee. I am vice-chair of the Harrisonburg Parks & Recreation Commission, a current mentee in the Harrisonburg Chamber of Commerce Leadership (BOLD) Program, and run refugee  bicycling classes in conjunction with the Refugee Resettlement office.

Mountain Biking with My Dog

Photo credit to Liz Spencer

You can check out my ongoing community and DIY projects here. Along the top, you’ll see links to my different topics.

  • “DIY” weekend projects are small activities that can be completed in a few evening or a weekend afternoon. 
  • “Home Renovations” are samples of some of my bigger renovations- the month-long, dust-flying, husband-grumbling sorts of projects.
  • “Harrisonburg” articles are about the city I love. Where I play, things to do, sights to see.
  • “Real Estate” articles are all about, well, real estate. Sometimes I write up information about home buying or selling in general; sometimes I find links to interesting properties for sale.

3008 Mt Clinton Pike-31

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